Sunday, December 21, 2008

Buddha's Birthday 2008

Buddha's Birthday 2008

Many people of all ages came to celebrate Buddha's birthday. It was a very special day and many very young children attended as well. Enjoy these photos. To see more photos of this wonderful temple celebration click the links at the bottom. Links to Buddhist Priest, Brian Vaugh's presentation on Buddha's Birthday are also at the bottom of the page.

View more photos and presentations of Buddha's Birthday at these links:

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Watch Buddhist Priest Brian Vaugh's Speeches on YouTube done by Sandy Carlson:

Nurturing the Baby Buddhas

Buddha's Birth Stories

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Chinese New Year 2008!


This Chinese New Year brought a very special event to Dae Yen Sa Temple! On February 10, 2008, many people came together and some traveled far for this great day of celebration.

Here are just a few highlights from the day. To view many more photographs, please click the links on the bottom of this page.

A special thank you from the temple to those who brought everyone such a special and unique event!

Watch slideshow of Chinese New Year photos here!

Click on individual photos of Chinese New Year photos here!

For details on celebrating your event at Dae Yen Sa, please contact the temple.

Photos are from Sue Yen Sunim.

Gaden Jangtse North American Tour 2007-2008

Gaden Jangtse Monastery Visits

2007-2008 North American Tour

Mandala House

Mandala House made by the visiting monks on display at the temple.

Dae Yen Sa hosted the Tibetan Buddhist Monks from Gaden Jangtse Monastery from July 29, 2008 to August 3, 2008 and again from September 1, 2008 through September 3, 2008. The monks travel throughout the USA offering joy and the wisdom of their profound heritage throughout North America.

To see the album of some of the events during their surprise visit to Dae Yen Sa, click the links!

Photos Photos Visit 2

Slideshow Slideshow Visit 2

Throughout their travels the monks present various teachings on Buddhist thoughts, such as Three Principles of the Path, Eight Verses of Training the Mind, Four Nobel Truths, different types of meditation instruction, plus other teachings and information.The tour leader Jamyang Chozin Rinpoche is not only Geshe but also recognized as a reincarnate lama. Rinpoche is highly qualified in bestowing Tartaric teachings. For example, teachings on different classes of Tantra and Empowerment on different deities such as Empowerment on Tara, Manjushiri, Medicine Buddha, Amitaba Buddha and others.Monks also do home blessings if individuals wish to invite them to their homes and different pujas such as obstacle remover. They visit places of business for blessing and puja. In addition, Ripoche will perform Mo, a form of divination.

The monks share their unique art forms. Several of their beautiful butter sculptures were on display at the temple during their visit.

For more information on the monk's tour, coutact Nima Nedup at 626-215-0997. Many of us are looking forward to future tours!


Intricate butter sculputure made by the monks.

Touching Peace, Retreat 2008

Annual Retreat 2008


The annual retreat brought a unique opportunity to not only spend a day in practice, but to learn many techniques. New meditations, teachings, and practice techniques were presented. The day included yoga, a new healing mantra, several different meditation sessions, mindful eating practice and a nice opportunity to practice with many other people.

Links to photos and other information:




For more information on the Buddhist Faith Fellowship click here.

Buddha's Birthday 2007

Buddha's 2,551st Birthday Celebrated at Dae Yen Sa!

Bathing Baby Buddha

Dae Yen Sa celebrated the birth of Buddha, originally known as Siddhartha, on May 20, 2007! The traditional lotus lanterns were lit and everyone attending the birthday gathering bathed Baby Buddha. This special ritual promotes inner balance and harmony.

Monk Baths Buddha

Prayer Wheel

Master Song visits and teaches at Dae Yen Sa! 2007

Master Song, Guest Presenter at Dae Yen Sa

January and February 2007

Master Song

Master Dae San saying good bye to Master Song's group.

Master Song is shown walking in the background, to the very right of the photo.

Master Jong Young Song, a well known energy healer in Korea and Japan, provided several Xen-Energy healing teachings at the Dae Yen Sa Temple. Master Song is known for packing huge halls full of people desiring to learn these techniques. Master Song not only speaks about health, vitality and energy in general, but also talks about concepts such as luck or good-fortune.

Master Song has many dramatic healing stories, including successful treatment of cancers. He also has a profound story of his own car accident and recovery, which includes overcoming brain injuries.

Several people were able to feel the energy, sometimes referred to as ki or chi, during these January and February sessions. The classes include general energy concepts, ways to build energy, special meditation techniques and many Xen-Energy exercises. Many people express how fortunate they are to attend an active temple and have access to this experience.

Read the account of the visit on the

Energy healer speaks at Buddhist center

Sunday, November 16, 2008

From the Five Remembrances:

My actions are my only true belongings.

100_4593.jpg picture by Sheiladae

Memory Ceremony 2007

Temple Memory Ceremony and Special Prayers for Students Losing Their Lives in the Virginia Tech Tragedy

Buddha Flowers

On Sunday, August 26, 2007 Dae Yen Sa performs a special temple memory ceremony to remember dearly departed friends and family. Included in this day is a special prayer offering for the victims of the Virginia Tech shooting.


Many of the names are posted by noon before the ceremony begins.


Preparation is still going on at noon with Master Dae San Sunim writing the names of those to be remembered. Prayers begin at 12:30 PM and last until about 3:45 PM.


During the ceremony the 95 Names of those remembered are carried from the board.


Sue Yen Sunim performing the bathing part of the ceremony.

See Sue Yen Sunim perform the bathing portion of the ceremony by clicking here for:

2 min 43 sec version

16 sec short version

Clothing Sent

While the bathing ceremony is performed, paper clothing representing the departed's outer garments is burned outside the temple.


Many spoons are placed in the rice preparing to feed the ancestors.

Feast Table

The feast ready for serving. Utensils are tapped on the table three times before placement on the food.

Feast Participation

Participants, three at a time, approach the alter with a flower in hand. Each person fills a small bowl with water, waving it by the candles three times.

See the offerings and bowing at the altar 4:11.

Feast for Remembered

The water is poured into the basin and a portion of each dish is added to the mix for the memory ceremony.

Master Dae San Sunim chanting Namu Amitabul 1:52.


The memory sheet is walked around and out of the temple with a procession of participants following.

Buddha Peering

Many large flower arrangements are in place throughout the temple.


The procession continues out into the yard.


The ancestors feast previously poured into the basin is returned to the earth.


The memory sheet is folded and placed with other items into a metal container.

Observing Burning

Master Dae San Sunim watches the results of the burning. If the fire burns well, the ceremony is considered successful.


The fire burns well.

Traditional Offerings

Korean food specialties, such as rice cake, are served after the successful ceremony.

Thank you for attending!