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Master Song visits and teaches at Dae Yen Sa! 2007

Master Song, Guest Presenter at Dae Yen Sa

January and February 2007

Master Song

Master Dae San saying good bye to Master Song's group.

Master Song is shown walking in the background, to the very right of the photo.

Master Jong Young Song, a well known energy healer in Korea and Japan, provided several Xen-Energy healing teachings at the Dae Yen Sa Temple. Master Song is known for packing huge halls full of people desiring to learn these techniques. Master Song not only speaks about health, vitality and energy in general, but also talks about concepts such as luck or good-fortune.

Master Song has many dramatic healing stories, including successful treatment of cancers. He also has a profound story of his own car accident and recovery, which includes overcoming brain injuries.

Several people were able to feel the energy, sometimes referred to as ki or chi, during these January and February sessions. The classes include general energy concepts, ways to build energy, special meditation techniques and many Xen-Energy exercises. Many people express how fortunate they are to attend an active temple and have access to this experience.

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