Saturday, November 8, 2008

Art of Peace Available through Dae Yen Sa Temple 2008

Leonore's Art

Unique, Beautiful Art of Peace

There are pieces of art, and now Ji Yen Sunim has her offering of art of peace.

Ji Yen Sunim, Buddhist monk, yoga teacher and artist at Dae Yen Sa Temple is shown above wearing the white scarf presented to her by the visiting Tibetan monks.

Leonore Colorful Wallhanging

Beautiful, energetic concepts are transcribed through nature into art by Ji Yen Sunim. Each piece of art is unique, completely hand done and reflects aspects of peacefulness and higher consciousness. Ji Yen Sunim's art is inspired by meditation, Buddhist teachings and her personal experiences with Hatha Yoga. These practices are known for their energizing, calming effects, and growing awareness for uplifting relationships with the self and others.

Leonore's Close Up Ginko

Every art piece is composed on beautiful fabrics combining natural leaves with artists' techniques of calligraphy, printing and painting. These unusual pieces reflect the vast uniqueness in nature and the patterns found in the leaves themselves are the printing inspirations. Many of these beautiful wall hangings contain expressions of nature, philosophy and meditation for inspiring tranquility in the home or office.

Leonore's Ginko Painting

The beautiful details in the quality of the fabric, sewing and printing must be seen in person to be appreciated!

Leonore's Leaf

Ji Yen Sunim is now offering her art for sale through Dae Yen Sa Temple. Wall hangings are available, priced at $200 and up and are true art pieces. Available sizes vary with approximate sizes of 22" x 48". Some of the proceeds support the temple and also assist Ji Yen Sunim's continuing practices of art, Buddhist Studies and continuing education in Yoga.

Leonore's Leaf Close Up

Ji Yen Sunim offers classes in Yoga on Wednesdays and Saturdays at Dae Yen Sa. She is also an Ananda certified teacher and ordained Nun. Ji Yen Sunim, also known as Leonore Alaniz, can also be reached via email at for any additional details! Hours are also available by appointment in Ji Yen Sunim's Winsted, Connecticut studio.

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