Sunday, November 2, 2008

Mandala Creation 2007

Mandala Creation

First Circle

Master Dae San looks on Tuesday, late morning, as the first circle of sand is created by the Tibetan monks.

Mandala Tools

Close up of the mandala tools.


Mandala development by Tuesday evening! The architectural lines around the sand are clearly seen.


Mandala at the Tea Puja on Wednesday evening. The Tibetan group leader Geshe Lobzang Samdup and Master Dae San sit directly in front of it.


Master Dae San invites people to feel the energy of the mandala after his Thursday evening healing meditation.


A close look at the colorful sands, some of them sparkling in the photo, used to create the mandala.


Friday, the mandala looks nearly complete. Sue Yen Sunim, the head abbess, is the center person praying.


A close up showing the finely sand painted details of the mandala.


Finally, Saturday the mandala is complete and decorated at the corners with butter sculpture flowers.


The group gathers around the completed mandala for an extra special photo opportunity.

Closing Ceremony

Sunday begins the ceremonial sweeping of the mandala sands.


A procession of music and chanting around the pagoda with mandala sands.


The mandala sand is released into the downtown Torrington river in a great gesture of sharing and healing.

Joy to the world.

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