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2009 March Temple Retreat Photos

2009 March Temple Retreat

Dae Yen Sa International Buddhist Temple and Meditation Center

"Indra's Jeweled Net is a metaphor for the summation of Buddhist thought. Each of us is a jewel in Indra's Net, which replicates the whole and is the whole. At each intersection in Indra's Net is a light reflecting jewel and each jewel contains another Net, ad infinitum. The jewel at each intersection exists only as a reflection of all the others and hence it has no self-nature. Yet it also exists as a separate entity to sustain the others. Each and all exist in their mutuality. "

---Ken Jones, The Social Face of Buddhism

Participants in the March Temple Retreat created malas for themselves and others. Malas are chanting and meditational tools used to keep count of the 108 recitations or other prayers performed. The number, 108, is of special significance for the Buddha.

Every first Saturday of the month there is a one-day retreat at the Temple. You may stay for the day or join in and leave at the time convenient to you. Please watch for announcements on this blog or contact the temple!

Click for the March 2009 retreat slideshow!

Mountain God Chanting!

One of the special highlights of the day is the Mountain God chanting. Mountain God works very quickly and visitors to the special Mountain God Temple on the grounds are told to keep clear intentions that are beneficial for everyone. One of the traditions is to pray to the Mountain God for special college applications.

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