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2010 February Announcements

2010 February Announcements

Dae Yen Sa International Buddhist Temple and Meditation Center



A happy visitor to the temple showing his nonviolent communication practice material!


1. Events and Announcements
2. Dharma School Series
3. Buddha Thought
4. Volunteer!
5. Saturday Schedule Reminder
6. Dae Yen Sa Video

Events and Announcements


Snow is on the way for February 10, 2009 and this Wednesday's Dharma School will be canceled. We will resume practice on February 17, 2010. Please continue on to Chapter 19 of the Dhammapada. We will cover Chapters 18 and 19 on the 17th. Be Peaceful Happy and Well.

The temple email is updated. To make sure Dae Yen Sa can email you successfully, please add the new email daeyensatemple@gmail.com to your address book. Remember to check your spam folder if an email you are expecting does not arrive. For those wishing to receive regular email announcements, please send your email address with a brief request to be added to the list.

The Dharma School Series

Chanting & Meditation 7 pm - 7:30 pm
Dae Yen Sa Dharma School & Tea 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm

We welcome individuals of all paths and understandings to participate in weekly gatherings consisting of meditation, meditative reading and review along with group reflection on Buddhist principles and practices or Dharma. The only requirement is an open mind and open heart.

Study Topic for Wednesday 02/03/10: 
The Dhammapada, Chapter 18 - Impurities or Taints

For those with Books please read Chapter 17: Impurities or Taints

For those without books please read Chapter 17: Impurities or Taints

If not now, when?

I think it's safe to say that nobody is perfect. Our spiritual work is one of continual refinement. In our practice we resemble the ever-observant and diligent alchemist working to transform the heavy lead of life into the bright gold of enlightenment so we can shine more brightly in the world.

Chapter 18 is Buddha's call to deal with our defilements, big or little, right now in the present moment. While there is an urgency in this chapter that uses the reality of death to prompt us to heedful action, the message is truly about really living lives of freedom. If not now, when?

What is/are your defilement/s? Maybe anger? Maybe jealousy? How about attachment to pleasure or aversion from pain? Look deeply and compassionately during your moments on the meditation cushion. Observe the places within, where your Buddha heart is being compromised, and have faith in the Buddha's instruction, "By degrees, little by little, from time to time, a wise person should remove his own impurities, as the smith removes the dross of silver."

Little by little with patient and loving diligence, rather than brute herculean effort, we can become conscious of our impurities and begin to transform our lives รข€“ one breath at a time. After all, practice makes perfect.


Nobody is condemned in Buddhism, for greatness is latent even in the seemingly lowliest, just as lotuses spring from muddy ponds.

Invite someone new to experience the warmth of the sangha.

Buddha Thought

5 Ways to Start your Day Like a Buddhist Monk
Excerpt from THE DAILY MIND

3. Exercise. Many of the Tibetan monks will spend the early morning performing “buddhist exercise” called prostrations ... This is where they place their folded palms at their head, throat and heart to symbolize purifying body, speech and mind and then prostrate themselves flat on the floor. They do this hundreds or thousands of times!

Prostrations are like yoga. They are a great way to cleanse your internal energies, burn calories and help you focus. They do them in the morning because they wake you up and they also make you feel great. As we now know, exercise causes endorphins to be released into the blood and we are left feeling happier and more at peace.

Volunteer Requests

Assistance with preparation for special events, weekends and teaching nights is always greatly appreciated. This includes assistance in the kitchen, setting up, taking down and any other donation of talent or effort that can assist the temple. You are always greatly appreciated! The temple does have some special requests from time to time as well.

Sati Meditation

Recently, a small group from Dae Yen Sa enjoyed a field trip to Chuang Yen Temple in Carmel, NY. We participated in a retreat day, where we learned a new form of meditation practice called Sati. In Sati Meditation the practitioner uses mindful movements of the hands to bring about greater awareness.This practice was introduced by Luangpor Teean Jittasubho (1911-1988) of Thailand and taught to us by Dr. Dwight Chien. It is our intention to make Sati meditation sessions available at DaeYen Sa. If any member who participated in our Sati retreat in NY is interested in leading Sati meditation please see Eduardo. For those wishing to experience the Sati retreat day at Chuang Yen, the next session is December 12, 2009.

Calling all TV Techies!

The temple is seeking a volunteer(s) to help us find or purchase a big screen TV for the Main Temple that we could also connect to a computer. There are so many great teachings and wisdom available in multimedia now that would add to study experiences. In addition the temple is considering offering occasional "movie nights" for families. Maybe our first Movie night could be "MULAN" in honor of dear little Sasha! Of course, we are also seeking donations for the purchase of the TV, or, of a TV itself. Thank you in advance for your kindness in achieving this goal for the benefit of the sangha. Please see Su Yen Sunim to help with this endeavor.

Lending Library

The East gives us thousands upon thousands of Buddhist sacred texts. And here in the West we have access to many books and articles from teachers like Jack Kornfield, Pema Chodron and other well-known teachers. It is our goal to begin a small lending library of Buddhist texts that would be open to Sangha members. The idea has been approved by Su Yen Sunim and Master, so we'll keep you posted on the logistics. In the meantime consider donating your books of wisdom to the temple. Make it a practice in letting go!

Talks and Workshops

While we have the Wisdom of the Triple Gem we also recognize the network of members and friends with wisdom to share with Dae Yen Sa. If you, or anyone you know, has an interest in presenting a workshop/lecture/training that is relevant and appropriate to Buddhist principles and practice, please speak with Eduardo. At present, the Temple does not have funds for lecturers. Any presentation would be considered a donation would be very much appreciated. Thank you in advance.

SPECIAL MENTION! Nirvana Juice Bar, Torrington

One of our Sangha members, Rosie, invites us to visit her juice bar in Downtown Torrington. Rosie offers many wonderful health and energy drinks and foods as well as aromatic incenses and products sangha members would appreciate. In addition Rosie hosts guest lectures and open mike nights. Visit her website for more information and then visit her store for some "chill" time. http://nirvanahealthbar.com/ Nirvana is a healthy, fun and informative place to visit!

Saturday Temple Regular Schedule:

9:00 AM to 10:00 AM Yoga
10:00 AM to 10:20 AM Tea Break
10:20 AM to 11:00 AM Silent Meditation
11:00 AM to 11:10 AM Walking Meditation
11:10 AM to 11:30 AM Chanting
11:30 AM to 12:30 PM Korean Vegetarian Lunch

The first Saturday of each month, Dae Yen Sa has a retreat day with a revised schedule. Call or contact the temple for the schedule and activities for that day.

Koan of Dog in Boots

A monk saw a turtle in the garden of Dae Yen Sa and asked the teacher, "All beings cover their bones with flesh and skin. Why does this being cover its flesh and skin with bones?" The Master took off his boots, plus and extra pair, and put them on a dog.

A Zen Koan is a problem that cannot be solved by intellect. These puzzles test the students' understanding of Zen. The solving of a Koan is through living the experience or by intuitive understanding.

Koan adapted from the book ZEN KOANS by Gyomay M Kubose. Read more koans online. YouTube from jeh0143.

19 Kinsey Road
New Hartford, CT 06057
Telephone: (860) 489-3254
Cell: (860) 459-6255
Fax: (860) 489-5760

Donations greatly appreciated!


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