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2010 April Special Request

2010 April Special Request

Dae Yen Sa International Buddhist Temple and Meditation Center



Mountain god practice is said to be especially swift and those moving forward are cautioned to be pure at heart with their approach and intentions.

For a thousand years, Buddhist monasteries have established themselves harmoniously living with nature in rural mountain areas. Mountains, and other unspoiled settings, are considered optimum locations to achieve meditation practice and are the special home to the mountain god tradition. This is especially important in Korean Buddhism. Dae Yen Sa needs your assistance in order to continue this time honored tradition with their Yellow Mountain property.

Due to a misunderstanding of the requirements of the tax laws, Dae Yen Sa's tax-exempt status is not extended to their property on Yellow Mountain in New Hartford, Connecticut. This has left Dae Yen Sa with a large tax bill with the town expecting the temple to pay $1,000 a month until the $13,589.52 in back taxes is settled.

The Yellow Mountain property was generously donated to the temple establishing a special place for mountain god meditation and practices. One of the main purposes of the donation was to establish a final resting place for members of Dae Yen Sa. Although very rugged and somewhat difficult to climb, it is currently in use for mountain god practice. The one stipulation of the tax rule that varies with the practice, however, is that this land actually be developed rather than left in its unspoiled state.

Future plans for the Yellow Mountain property include a small mountain god shelter for visitors. A parking lot and driveway to make the long narrow passage up the property more accessible to everyone is in the temple thoughts now as well. Formal plans for cremation remains locations and honor stones are also expected.

With the recent news, it is more important than ever looking forward to developing these plans. Any assistance involving these plans would be greatly appreciated. Individuals interested in these practices or inquiring about future burial plans are encouraged to contact the temple for information.

Please consider donating to the temple or lending your expertise to the temple in order to assist with moving these plans forward. There are many activities on the temple grounds for anyone wishing to experience Buddhism, Korean Buddhist culture, view a wide array of Korean Buddhist art, or simply take a yoga class.

The truth is always that you are the temple and the temple needs you as well as your support and assistance.

All donations are greatly appreciated!

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