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2009 September Announcements

2009 September Announcements

Dae Yen Sa International Buddhist Temple and Meditation Center

The Dharma School Series


---A Koan

Chanting/Meditation 7 pm-7:30 pm

Dae Yen Sa Dharma School/Tea 7:30 pm -8:30 pm

We welcome individuals of all paths and understandings to participate in weekly gathering consisting of meditation, meditative reading and review along with group reflection on Buddhist principles and practices or Dharma. Requirement - open minds and open hearts.

Study Topic for Wednesday 09/16/09: ---- 4 NOBLE TRUTHS: THE EIGHT-FOLD PATH PART 1. The Four Noble Truths represent the very first sermon of the Buddha after he attained enlightenment. Paradoxically these fundamental teachings are simple and at the same time profound. They are teachings on both theory and practice. They are teachings on 1. Suffering, 2. the Cause of Suffering, 3. The End to Suffering, and 4. The Way to End Suffering.

We are moving on to a study of Truth 4, The Way to End Suffering. The way to the end of suffering is a prescriptive approach to working with our mind, our heart and our life so that we can see the true nature of things, rather than seeing only what we want to see, which leads to disolusion and pain. Our study commentary breaks up the 8 fold path into 3 lessons entitled, Morality(Right Speech, Right Action, Right Livelihood), Mental development(Right Effort, Right Mindfulness, Right Concentration), Wisdom(Right Understanding and Right Thought). We begin in this order because "Good conduct forms a foundation for further progress on the path, for further personal development." Those who have studied Shantideva's text will find similarities in these teachings.

For our study of the Eight-fold Path we will be accessing the home page( - may want to bookmarkand then click and print the link "Morality"(

Please read these commentaries and bring your insights, reflections and questions to Sangha.It will be good to be with you again. As always the Temple and Sangha is open to all who come seeking freedom from greed, anger and ignorance through wisdom and peace.


Wednesday Dharma at Dae Yen Sa

Erin reads from the Diamond Sutra

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