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2009 September/October Announcements

2009 September/October Announcements

Dae Yen Sa International Buddhist Temple and Meditation Center

Lotus lanterns hand from the ceiling in one of the small temples at Dae Yen Sa. Member's names are hung from the lanterns.


1. Field Trip!

2. Dharma School Series

3. Buddha Thought

4. Saturday Schedule Reminder

5. Dae Yen Sa Video


On Saturday, October 10th we would like to invite all sangha members and friends to attend a field trip to Chuang Yen Monastery in Carmel, NY. Visit the temple's site at to learn a little about the temple. On the 10th the Monastery has scheduled a Sati Meditation workshop. The fee is $10 which we believe includes a veggie lunch. Please watch for more details to confirm this information. The day begins at 10 am and goes until 4 pm. The drive is about 1-1/2 hours from the Dae Yen Sa in New Hartford. Since we do not have a Dae Yen Sa Buddha Bus we will have to car pool. Please email if you are interested in going and indicate if you would also be willing to be a "driver". Feel free to attend with the temple in your own group too!

The Dharma School Series

Chanting & Meditation 7 pm - 7:30 pm

Dae Yen Sa Dharma School & Tea 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm

We welcome individuals of all paths and understandings to participate in weekly gatherings consisting of meditation, meditative reading and review along with group reflection on Buddhist principles and practices or Dharma. The only requirement is an open mind and open heart.

Study Topic for Wednesday, September 30, 2009:


The Four Noble Truths represent the very first sermon of the Buddha after he attained enlightenment. Paradoxically these fundamental teachings are simple and at the same time profound. They are teachings on both theory and practice. They are teachings on 1. Suffering, 2. the Cause of Suffering, 3. The End to Suffering, and 4. The Way to End Suffering.

Last week we learned about Right Effort, Right Mindfulness and Right Concentration. Together these three steps encourage and enable one to be self reliant, attentive and calm.

For this week's study of the Four Noble Truths we will be accessing the home page( - may want to bookmarkand then click and print the link "WISDOM"(

The last two principles we will focus on are under the category of Wisdom, and they are,Right Understanding and Right Thought. What does it mean to Understand? Here in the Buddhist practice one is given teachings and principles that must be studied and understood. But this is not enough, we must apply the teachings and principles in our everyday situations and in our meditation. And then there is still more. We must reflect on what we have learned or not learned from the application and practice. It is the lived experience that activates the wisdom deep within us, our Buddha nature. With the teaching of Right Thought we are actively working to avoid desire and ill-will. We engage in a consistent and gentle practice of checking and questioning our motivations to avoid acting out in wrong view and causing harm or pain.

The principles of the 8-fold path are ways that focus us on how we can align ourselves with wisdom and truth. We can come back to these principles over and over, and in so doing, begin to recognize them in the situations that unfold in our daily life. The 4 noble truths of Buddhism are not about negativity and nihilism. Rather they are simply the observations of the Buddha - completely open and awake. It is a wisdom that seeks to liberate the mind and heart from the prison of delusion.

Please read these commentaries and bring your insights, reflections and questions to Sangha. It will be good to be with you again. Dae Yen Sa International Buddhist Temple and Sangha is open to all who come seeking freedom from greed, anger and ignorance through wisdom and peace.

Thinking of all and wishing peace and light. NAMU!

Buddha Thought

Peace is every step

The red shining sun is my heart

How fresh, how green, all that grows

How cool, the wind that blows

Peace is every step

It turns the endless path to joy.

---Thich Nhat Hanh

Saturday Temple Regular Schedule:

9:00 AM to 10:00 AM Yoga
10:00 AM to 10:20 AM Tea Break
10:20 AM to 11:00 AM Silent Meditation
11:00 AM to 11:10 AM Walking Meditation
11:10 AM to 11:30 AM Chanting
11:30 AM to 12:30 PM Korean Vegetarian Lunch

The first Saturday of each month, Dae Yen Sa has a retreat day with a revised schedule. Call or contact the temple for the schedule and activities for that day.

Footage of the Memory Ceremony at Dae Yen Sa with Master Dae San chanting. The feast is prepared for the ancestors. The tapping on the table is to let the ancestors know they are served.

19 Kinsey Road
New Hartford, CT 06057
Telephone: (860) 489-3254
Cell: (860) 459-6255
Fax: (860) 489-5760

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